Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A personal interview with Andre Michelle, Webinale 2008 and Spoiler

Duane's World episode 6 is now out. I was really grateful to have been able to spend time interviewing Flash guru Andre Michelle. He discusses his new venture ( and shows off some cool screenshots of the new audio tools. These are really amazing!! Andre's work takes Flash to the ultimate edge.

The music for the Code and Tunes sessions is provided by Spoiler, my newest favorite metal band from Germany. Bass player Marc Thiele hand picked the songs for the video. If you get a chance to see Spoiler live - check them out! The code and tunes shows some Flex code to work with audio and explains how to add a pause, play and stop button to an audio player in a few minutes. Thanks to all the guys from Webinale 2008 (Felix, Stefan et al) for appearing in the video and helping me with interviews and location logistics as well as putting on a great conference! Here is the show. Feel free to use the embed code to redistribute wherever!

Oh yeah - there is also film of driving at 210 KPH on the autobahn!


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