Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Duane's World TV Show Episode 2 out today!

Show two airs today. It features multiple guests and outtakes from my trip to India and also has step-by-step instructions to build a Flex - Yahoo Map using the new AS3 SWC in Code and Tunes. The show's focus is on "Community in Software Development". Hope you enjoy. Please leave any feedback below.


  1. Excellent episode! Entertaining and informative, do it again.

  2. WE need to vote again :) https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-247

    I realy hope we can have USB communication in AIR and Flash Player :)

    I can imagine many different type of applications which can communicate with different devices connected over USB, atleast my phone (over bluetooth or cable)...

    It would be great if AIR and Flash player can have USB API for those things, so that we (developers) are not forced to write socket-servers and take care of installation etc..

    Greeat Show :)

  3. Good one! Excellent episode!!!

    But the AS Text quality in this episode is not like in episode 1.

    The text was hardly visible.

  4. Duane Buddy...

    Cool demo, problem is Yahoo Maps doesn't have an updated Policy file... Which I assume you clearly knew about whe you were creating this presentation... Since the marker icons showed only the shadows... cause Yahoo serves the icons on a different server....

    Flexbuilder barks back to the console the policy file issues -- Which you didn't bother discuss. So much for your code running perfect the first time.

    Do us all a favor and educate the folks at Yahoo Maps about the new flash player policy file restrictions. Ok?

    Again cool demo, but let's get real, if the yahoo maps doesn't have an updated policy file, it's useless --

  5. Dan - Your points are well brought up however I do not speak for Yahoo and it would have been in bad taste for me to criticize them, especially when there are so many smart developers out there who will make these notes known. We owe you thanks


    All - if you want to do this in a production environment, check into the issue Dan brings up. He is correct. Also make sure you get a proper Yahoo ID and do not use Yahoo Demo as per what I mentioned in the video.

    Cheers (and beers!)

  6. nice one buddy. especially like the plug for the atrium in YVR and the indian developers having fun _AND_ building quality software. word up.

  7. I can imagine many different type of applications which can communicate with different devices connected over USB

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