Monday, November 05, 2007

Web 2.0 Berlin: Day One!

Heute ist eine andere gutes TAG! Hier habe ich Tim Oreilly im Hauptkonferenzplatz getroffen! Tim bereitet seinen Hauptgededanken vor (auf einem Mac) wie ich diesen blog Pfosten schreibe.

Duane Nickull and Tim O'Reilly in Berlin today.

While I have been here for a week or so, today is the first day of real excitement. I had the luxury of sitting down with a very brilliant television crew (HdM Stuttgart | crew to discuss some of the finer points of Web 2.0 from a European perspective. One of the questions was about how the Web 2.0 market in Germany might differ from the Web 2.0 market in the USA. I really have to respond that the very question itself is not correct. There is now a global marketplace and things that can affect people in one place are really affecting us all. The illusion that we are different is a relic of the non-digital age and the new electronic democracy can affect an entire generation, country, or multiple countries and generations with the same speed. Honestly, I think this may be one of the finest inteviews I have ever had the pleasure of doing. The questions were right on target and it really made me aware of some key questions from a European perspective. It seems, like in many other places, there is a real pragmatic struggle to understand *exactly* WHAT Web 2.0 is. Once again, I think the book Web 2.0 Design Patterns (co-authored with Dion Hinchcliffe and James Governor) is a good starting point, yet this book will leave readers with just as many questions as answers. I found myself digging up several of the core Web 2.0 patterns several times during the interview and keep realizing that it is hard to describe something when you abstract the implementation away from the facts. Nevertheless, the book really does this.

And speaking of Dion, he is downstairs at his finest delivering his Web 2.0 University talk to an eager and packed audience. This is a great conference! Looking forward to some good German beer next!

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