Monday, July 09, 2007

Wanted - lawyer in China to sue spammer ZXData

I guess with every success comes a dark side. Spammers from China have targeted my blog. The latest is a large series of spam attacks comes from a company called ZXData. The Whois reveals ZXData is:

Domain Name: ZXDATA.COM
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS2.XINNET.CN
Status: ok
Updated Date: 18-jun-2007
Creation Date: 13-apr-2006
Expiration Date: 13-apr-2008

The key contact is:

yichuan shanghai
shanghai Beijing 200040
tel: 56528808
fax: 56528808

I am willing to send a lawyer money who can do something about this. These morons are causing me so many headaches. I have even contemplated turning comment moderation on but given I am not able to get to comments fast enough, this would stiffle the interactions with this blog.

ZXData are obviously not smart nor are they particularly creative. Spamming me with links to falun gong and pornography do not impress me and will not entice me to do business with them.

I would ask that everyone who reads this and is pissed off take the time to email the person (click here to start - to tell them what they really think.

Lawyers in China - please send me proposals outlining how you can go after this spammer. They have caused me a great loss in productivity and I wish to recover it.


  1. Sure. Great idea. I'll just email that spammer. It's not like they don't love having new, verified email addresses that they can sell to other spammers or anything.

  2. Sorry - I should have clarified. In this case, the email is the admin and tech contact for the company that hired the spammer. They are hoping we will do business with them due to the spam. I doubt they will sell one single email address but it is possible.

  3. BTW - I changed the terms of advertising on this blog. Instead of trying to block it, I am just levying a fee. The terms are bound to the laws of Vancouver, BC and spammers will be billed $25,000 CAD per incident. Instead of blocking it, I will allow it then sue in a Canadian court and seize ex juris assets via legal means. This includes any assets that land on North American Soil.

  4. kill spammers. They all deserve to die anyways. fuck them.


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