Sunday, February 25, 2007 collaborative music portal growing!

In November, a new site was launched that allows musicians and other electronic artists to collaborate to create mixes, music and other audio projects via the internet. Recording an album used to involve recording tracks one at a time in separate rooms and controlling the creation via a central control room. just overlays that pattern on the net to allow people to contribute to your mixes and music from all around the world., mix share collaborate, free membership

I have been using it to work on other people's music and have contributed to projects in the UK and USA. People from New Zealand have sent in tracks on my audio projects.

Even if you are not a musician, there are now hundreds of free MP3 works from various genres to legally download and use. There are desktop widgets for Mac users to get the latest audio files and RSS feeds you can use to keep up to date on the goings on. To listen to the latest music from, go to this link

To be honest, we're still wondering what this might eventually become or where it will all lead. As a musician, I have been hopeful that a new model for the music industry will evolve. I want to see a really cool project start on the site to make a CD with ten songs on it, with each song having one track from one musician in every country in the world on it. That would be a really cool social project. Please help spread the word and maybe it will happen.

Oh yeah - its completely free and free of spam, spyware etc.


  1. hey, have you tried yet? it's the best free music commuity site ever.

  2. is rad!


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