Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Massive 2007 - Free 3 hour intro to Flex and Apollo

My favorite tech show is just around the corner. Massive 2007, derived from the Techvibes Massive show, will attract well over 5000 visitors in a one day (March 28) frenzy of technology. What makes this show unique is that it caters and appeals to the non-technical members
of society as well as the hard core cutting edge techie types. It is also a show that emphasizes the social aspects of technology and has a very hip and upwardly mobile crowd.

I have been asked this year to teach a 3 hour tutorial on Flex and Apollo which will take place in the AM. Space is almost completely sold out so if you really want a seat, please register now. This is a very rare chance to get indoctrinated into the Flex and Apollo technology.

1 comment:

  1. Urgh! I found out about your website too late though Vancouver Flash Meetup. I am on the waiting list for this event. Oh well, I guess I would meet you later in some event from meetup. Wish there is more Flex/Apollo oriented group in Vancouver. Cheers!!


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