Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Semaphore Solution? A 16 by 16 grid?

After thinking about cracking the Semaphore cryptograph a bit more, I noticed that the string-integer codes both use values that seem to range from 1-16. No numeric value I have encountered is over 16 and neither are the letters using a=1, b=2 etc.

This may imply a 16 by 16 grid. The changes in tones of the voice could be markers for new words or other punctuation, case etc. The lighted glyphs could eassily be used to demark a 16 * 16 grid too, given each of the four glyphs can indicate 4 positions (vertical, horizontal, slanted right, slanted left). This is consistent with the Semaphore flaggin system. I would presume that this gives each of the four glyphs the ability to communicate either A-P or 1-16. How does this sync up with the broadcast message?

I have made a 16 * 16 grid and used letters of the alphabet laid out in a number of ways on the grid to reference the targets but the message is still cypher text. Perhaps there is a dual stage to the encryption. This leaves the tones of the music and the ladies voice to use as clues. The tones that begin each segment seem to be rather limited to only a few notes as does the ladies voice.

More later. Anyone have any theories?


  1. More: sicne there are four glyphs, I would presume a variant of the semaphore system is used to correlate the first two glyphs ( 4 positions * 4 positions) to indicate the character and the second two to "flag" the integer. Now figuring out the key to overlay this on the alphabet?? Is it as simple as using the 16 by 16 grid? There is no way this could be as simple as to allow someone like me to solve this within 2 hours. Could it?

  2. Are you still talking about the one in San Jose? It should take two years to solve. Please see my other comment on your blog.


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