Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Semaphore clues - cracking the Adobe Semaphore Cryptograph

In response to a questions I received from a woman on my earlier blog entry, I have made an incorrect statement (although I did say it was a guess). Joann asked if "semaphore's discs spun faster when an airplane flew overhead". I replied it was probably coincidental however have since been corrected.

Siri (no last name) who worked on the project internally at Adobe emailed me and stated " I saw in the last blog you were discussing the reactions of the semaphore when planes flew by - there actually is an antenna on the roof that registers when a plane goes by and causes the semaphores to spin wildly". I stand corrected. The only thing that comes to mind is what does it have to do with the cryptogram? Theories anyone?

Stay tuned for another blog post with some new theories on the subject.



  1. I am new to semaphore.In reading these comments I have learned much.But I didnt think it would be this complicated it seemed fairly simple "purposeful transmission" "for the public" I thought--flight path,tower, traveler? welcome to silicon valley??
    I have done the 16 point grid (jiberish)I have done 26x16 grid (full alphabet)to my surprise I started with "A" AND IT ENDED WITH "Z" STILL NOTHIN.but i will keep watching you guys so please comment.seeee yaaaa the nieve troll.


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