Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Duanes World Episode 5 - E.B.U., Switzerland, Flex and Helcion!

Duane's World Episode five is now live. Special music guests and one of my favorite bands Helcion (Check them out!!!) supply ripping music for the Code and Tunes segment while I show how to work with video in Flex Builder 3. Other guests include Marcus Metzner (S4M - Germany) and Roger Roberts (RTBF - Belguim). Discussions include metadata for archiving media packages as well as the SOA infrastructure for enabling Media Assets to be repurposed for the web to meet new distribution and business models.


  1. Andrés Santos8 Jul 2008, 18:22:00

    Hey Hi Duane! I have been following you since the first episode, very interesting interviews and cool look :p, it gets interesting, (btw yep I saw you posted your video tutorial from adobe dev :) ) keep it up! greetings from México!

  2. thanks dude! I hoped you liked the music too. Helcion is awesome!


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