Monday, December 01, 2014

Some Neo4J Training Spots Still Available!

Neo4j's Graph Academy Training provides you with the required skills to be effective with graph data and productive with Neo4j. You will gain key modeling and implementation skills to tackle graph data management on Neo4j with ease. While the course is offered using Neo4J, chosen because it is the world's most popular Graph Database, the skills learned would be applicable to other Graph Databases.

I will be leading two courses in Vancouver, BC at Hot Tomali Headquarters on December 9th and 10th of 2014.  Every course attendees will be provided with food and coffee as well as soft drinks and course materials.

The courses are as follows:

Neo4j Fundamentals - Dec 9

Who should attend? Developers, Administrators, DevOps engineers, DBAs, Business Analysts and students.

Executives and others who want an overview of the Neo4j technology. Skills taught An understanding of graph databases Install and operate Neo4j Use the Neo4j development tools productively Exploit the strengths of the Labeled Property Graph model and the Cypher query language Build confidence in building a graph enabled application.

Prerequisites: Bring a computer (laptop) and be prepared to learn.

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Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j - Dec 10

Who should attend? Developers, DBAs, Business Analysts and students.

Skills taught An understanding of the labeled property graph How to apply the property graph to common modelling problems Common graph structures for modelling sophisticated, connected data scenarios Criteria for choosing between different modelling options.

Learn how to modify an existing model to accommodate new requirements.

Prerequisites You will need some familiarity with Neo4j and Cypher.

The material from the Intro to Neo4j course is sufficient knowledge to understand this course.

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