Monday, January 28, 2013

Whispr - sign up for the beta now!

Some of you are in the know about what we have been working on for the past months and we are getting close to launch.  Whispr (located at, is about to revolutionize how people work and collaborate on solving problems.  If you have ever used DACI/RACI or similar approaches to problem solving, Whispr is going to be something you want to look at.

When we built it we had not idea the magnitude of the problem. We are veterans of IT who sat down and evaluated the problem of lost productivity from a big picture perspective.  Assuming any worker connected to email, SMS, cell phone, or chat systems spends five percent of their time scanning emails they have no interest in or hauled into meetings or phone conferences they are not really contributing to, the economic value of this problem is indeed in the trillions of US dollars.   In North America alone in 2010, the average person spends seven hours per month on Facebook,  spends over nine hours in meetings per week, makes 1-10 texts and makes 5 phone calls a day and receives over 10, less than half of which they feel important enough to answer.

In a second study done on Meeting Analysis: Findings from Research and Practice, it was also reported that the number of meetings a person attended on a weekly basis rose by 55%.  Furthermore, the study revealed that many of these meetings were perceived as a waste of people’s time and contributed very little economic value.  The same study reported that in terms of 2001 dollars, over $39,000,000,000 (thirty nine billion US dollars) is wasted annually in the United States alone.

Why is this happening?  Think about this for a second.  What happened to the email you received last week?  It's probably sitting statically in your inbox.  Once it gets scrolled up high enough, its' out of sight, out of mind.  What if there was a new platform to focus our conversations, weed out the noise and become more productive. What is that new platform integrated today with existing office tools like SMS, email, social media?

Email - the great detractor.  Email by itself just isn't working any more.  There is no discipline it clicking the "reply to all" button and contributing to yet another unfocused, rambling perma-thread that detracts from you getting business done.  Every day I am cc'd on emails that I have no idea what the person wants me to do with that information.  It isn't clear and it is not germain to getting a task accomplished or a decision made.

Now imagine that we can make employee's just 5% more effective each day?  On top of that, your top managers will be making better quality decisions with input from people all through an organization.   Whispr can do this and it costs less than the price of a cup of coffee for a full month.  There is no way you cannot afford to use it.  It is that simple.

Whispr just opened up a signup page for the beta release coming quickly.  I cannot guarantee everyone will be accepted as we will probably only roll out the first 250 applicants (no decision has been made on this yet).

More on this to come in the following weeks.

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