Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Microsoft

I am sorry to say this but Windows 8 is one of the worst business decision you have made (beside Vista).  I have used Windows since 3.1 when it was a mere shell.  Windows 8 is so convoluted that several veterans such as myself cannot seem to figure it out.   Simple tasks such as creating a shortcut for you mail program are now so far removed from previous conventions that we are returning the system and my friend is buying a Mac instead.

Windows 8 strikes me as nothing more than an attempt to hide the lack of new features by obfuscating the OS look and feel so users are forced to re learn everything.  I would recommend you follow the lead of the genius who allowed the Control Panel to revert to "classic" look and feel.

The answer is my friend is now returning his new computer and shelling out an additional $500 to buy a Mac.

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