Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Understanding the Different Flavors of Windows

I've been a Linux and OSX user for as long as I can remember but windows has always been a standby.  Even in today's height of Apple popularity, it is often necessary to have at least one Windows machine at our office.  For testing our PDF to mobile forms conversion platform, we find it a necessity. This lead me to seek out some data for what MicroSoft is offering nowadays and I found this great write up.

Windows 8 and many accompanying devices are launching this month and if you're going to be making a purchase,  I highly recommend you understand the differences between the versions of Windows.    Microsoft announced months ago that it will have a minimum of three consumer versions (please no jokes about the promises to fix all the bugs too ;-).  

While there are some small variations between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, the biggest differences lie between those two — which have a full-featured Start Screen and desktop environments — and Windows RT, which is a mobile environment that runs only Windows Store apps and built-in software.

The story is courtesy of Wired here.  Very worthwhile read.

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