Friday, April 13, 2012

Battenkill 2012 Live Video Stream

The Tour of the Battenkill is a classic American Bicycle race.  Many people are interested in watching it and until now there are no live video streams.  Uberity has launched a mobile application as part of it's new platform that combines mobile video, social media and collaborative capabilities to increase user experience.  Think about an application that will eventually provide the best of live TV, commentating, twitter feeds (via our friends at HootSuite), interactive media and more.   The live video stream of the the Tour of the Battenkill application is Android only in this year's release.  You can get it and watch the race live on Sunday by pointing your Android device at

   *  Unfortunately, there is a technical issue at the broadcast site.  
   *  This is being worked on
   *  and hope to have it resolved by Sunday.
   *  UPDATE 2: It's live right now showing finish line -
More about the Battenkill

Most years thousands of spectators and cycling enthusiasts flock to see top pros and fast amateur racers battle on what is undeniably one of the most challenging courses.  There are sections that have no asphalt and tough short climbs for 82 miles.  With attacks likely to start at mile zero, the 2012 race will be one of attrition and an exciting event to watch.  On that latter point, we realized there was no way to actually watch the event as it is not televised.  After some brainstorming and less than a week of development time,  we are pleased to announce a free application based on the Uberity mobile platform for live events.    Please be kind – there are bound to be technical difficulties in keeping the stream.

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