Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adobe MAX 2012 - a Dilemna

I was scouring my inbox and came across an old email I had sent myself while still at Adobe.  It turns out that mere days before I got laid off on Nov 8, I made the Adobe MAX 2012 Masters list.  The email lists all of the MAX masters.  Written in the chain of that email was also a note from a former colleague saying that the high mark at MAX (4.96/5 with over 70 responses not once but twice!) was the highest ever for a hands on lab session.  This was further complicated by the fact that it was a Bring your own Laptop lab, meaning the attendees take the session on their own laptops and mobile devices. Needless to say, the probability of something going wrong is exponentially complicated.

The Adobe MAX 2011 Masters list is posted here

  • Adam Lehman, Adobe Systems
  • Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Adobe Systems
  • Chris Converse, Codify Design
  • Chris Kitchener, Adobe Systems
  • Colin Smith, Adobe Systems
  • Dani Beaumont, Adobe Systems
  • Dave Helmly, Adobe Systems
  • David Nuescheler, Adobe Systems
  • Duane Nickull, Adobe Systems (Correction: Uberity)
  • Greg Rewis, Adobe Systems
  • Jack Davis, Wow, Inc.
  • James Williamson,
  • Jason Levine, Adobe Systems
  • Jim Babbage, Adobe Systems
  • Joe Rinehart, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Marc Esher, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Michael Chaize, Adobe Systems
  • Michael Labriola, Digital Primates
  • Michael Ninness,
  • Mordy Golding, Design Responsibly
  • Nicholas Zakas, NCZ Consulting
  • Patti Sokol, Adobe Systems
  • Paul Trani, Adobe Systems
  • Russell Brown, Adobe Systems
Of course now that I am with Uberity Technology Corporation, I have to decide if I would even go.  My inclination is probably not unless I get invited.  There are tons of other skilled speakers and I have had my turns at Adobe MAX.  Adobe MAX 2012 would be fun however so I have to keep my mind open.  Let's see what happens.


  1. If you don't go Duane, who am I going to brag to about my epic Les Paul? It would be a diminished event without you.

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  3. I was there in your class and thru out the entire week - your class was by far the funnest and I learned a lot -- this is coming from an .NET developer.

    Do it again!!


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