Thursday, December 01, 2011

I want to thank everyone in all my communities and networks for the huge outpouring of support and well wishes.  I am once again humbled to realize I am a truly blessed individual and have great support and friends.  My mood every day is less and less complacent, a trait I cannot stand.  Working at a large company too long breeds complacency and bureaucratic tendencies.  These are rapidly fading as our new venture starts to shape up.  Invention is the mother of all genius and intuitive improvisation is the key to that genius (the latter part applies to the Richard Dean Anderson in all of us).

Many of you have asked me what I am doing next or offered me jobs.  I appreciate that and the thought of entering into another job is horrifying to me.  I worked eight years at a big company, learned a lot, and have to digest the good, the band and the truly ugly.   Adobe has been a very important role in my life and will continue to be a company I work with.  My colleagues on the Evangelism team are all great individuals and I'm sure we'll cross paths again, even if I am hopeless at video games.  I honestly wish all of them the most in terms of happiness and fulfilment.

So what is next?  As the blues brothers did, so has Yellow Dragon Software.  We are "Getting the band back together" to work on some game changing services and software.  The new company, aptly named Überity, is operating in stealth mode right now.  A lot of you have requested information and we honestly are in stealth mode right now.  We cannot divulge anything publicly however if you wish to be amongst the first to know what we are doing, you can sign up now at and request to be placed on the list.

Why are we doing this?  Simple.  Doing what you like to do to earn a living is coolest thing an individual can have.  Me, a former professional mountain biker, professional musician and tech guy understands this better now that I did a decade ago.  We LOVE innovation and solving complex problems.  We love delivering value to society.  We love doing what we love doing.  Our work has to be fun.  How cool would that be?  This is why Überity exists.

According to the urban dictionary:

The adjective form of the adverb, "uber." Used to describe nouns that are "uber cool," without using the phrase "uber cool" and sounding like a lil babe. Uberious has also been known to be used, as well as the noun form, "uberity."
Dude I totes love that club it was uberian.
To us, doing what we love for a living is about as cool as it gets.


  1. Congratulations Mate! Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Club. Cheers and Wishing you all the Very Best!

  2. Keep up the good work, you are really uber cool!

  3. Awesome stuff Duane! Good luck with your new adventures. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.


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