Friday, August 19, 2011

Free multi screen mobile app - Magic Screen Pro

After working on this for a few hours more I decided to release it into the wild.  It is available in the Android Marketplace as "Magic Screen Pro".  The application is basically a freehand drawing application that allows the user to select line thickness and color.   This is a sample screenshot of the app:

This app has several new features not seen on many other Flex/AIR mobile applications.  First, it features the ability to save work as *.jpg files.  For some reason this sometimes sticks on the iPad.  Secondly, it has a unique color picker custom component for mobile.  I published this component separately here.  It also accesses the camera roll so you can add background images.

There is no way I have found to flatten two layers when one supports a transparency channel though, so you can only save the drawing.

The source code for this app is hosted on my band's website at


  1. You source link is broken.

    We did a similar app for PlayBook named IdeaPad ;)

    // chall3ng3r //

  2. Just fixed it - thank you for the note. Enjoy and more importantly, improve the source!


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