Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Flash Player 10.3 (Beta) Launches (Linux/Mac/Win)

Adobe just released a beta version of Flash Player 10.3 for Windows, Mac, and Linux at 9pm PT last night on Adobe Labs. The goals for this beta release are to preview the next release of Flash Player, get the broader developer community and technical savvy users to test new features for developers, and enhanced user privacy protection.

Things I am stoked on?

1. That we once again released the Linux version as a first class citizen with Mac and PC!

2. Media Measurement – Developers can implement video analytics with as little as two lines of code. Analytics solutions can use a new set of open APIs to easily implement video analytics irrespective of implementation or delivery protocol.

3. Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Developers can now very easily create real-time audio collaborations with high-quality audio, such as telephony, in-game voice chat etc.  I wonder how long it will be before someone writes Acrobat Connect Light?

4. Integration with browser privacy controls for managing local storage – Flash Player users now have a simpler way to clear local storage from the browser settings interface – similar to how users clear their browser cookies today.  This has been consistently asked for by the community.

5. Native Control Panel – Flash Player 10.3 provides users with streamlined controls for managing their Flash Player privacy, security and storage settings. This means that Windows, Mac, and Linux users can access the Flash Player Settings Manager directly from the Control Panels or System Preferences on their computers.  This again has been a top request.

6. Auto-Update Notification for Mac OS.  If you're on a Mac, you're like me and probably sick of the endless updates. Nevertheless, they have to happen so this makes it easier.

Have fun and code with flair!


  1. That's quite nice!

    Pity that Linux VA-API support (through libva?) isn't there yet, only VDPAU introduced in 10.2.

    Hopefully for 10.4 VA-API support will arrive?

  2. want to go in and and use this beta version of the flash player as well, hope it comes down to my expectations.....

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