Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting Your Flash Builder IDE set up for BlackBerry PlayBook Development

This is a simple tutorial to help you get your Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito) set up to develop for and emulate the BlackBerry PlayBook.  I've been playing with the PlayBook beta and it's pretty impressive.

Setting up Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 to compile for BlackBerry PlayBook from Technoracle on Vimeo.

Some screenshots:


  1. Duane -- I've downloaded the files on Windows Vista and installed into FB Burrito, but the option for the playbook is not showing up when I create a new flex mobile app. I even restarted my computer. The installation said it was successful. Any ideas for troubleshooting? Thanks!

  2. Dear Duane,

    I got it working -- I found a forum thread that talked about problems with Windows 7, which said people have uninstalled Burrito and re-installed, which I did, then the Blackberry shows up.


    One key thing is having to run Burrito with "Run as Administrator" (I installed with it, ran it, everything, even the Blackberry SDK install as "Run as Administrator"). I also got some clues about this from the Blackberry doc site, http://docs.blackberry.com/en/developers/deliverables/21877/Install_the_BlackBerry_Tablet_SDK_1347129_11.jsp

    I guess you address it in another post, but installing the simulator on Windows is kind of a pain as you need to install the VMWare Player (free). RIM has a nice guide for this in the place you'd expect:


  3. Wow and thanks for sharing this with others. I've forwarded this internally too.

    Best wishes



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