Monday, February 21, 2011

Duane's World #32 - more on mobile development

This video is Duane's World episode 32, the season 2 finale. It focuses on mobile development including some dives into architectural best practices.


  1. Duane --
    Great series, I really enjoy what you've done!

    I am starting to develop a mobile application but I'm nervous about where to store model (persistent) info. I know I can set the destruction property on a view so it shouldn't delete it, but what have you seen as a good practice for maintaining information for various views in the application? I don't know if I should create a singleton and store info there, or use the persistence manager (heard about that).

    What are your views (no pun intended)?

  2. Jon:

    The persist policy (destruction ="none") should be used where data is more expensive to retrieve and where the source data does not change that often. For example, the Slashdot RSS only has new items perhaps once every hour. Giving the user the ability to manually refresh it at their leisure seems to make sense as a best policy. Overall it makes sense to give the control to the user to allow them to make the decision as it is their data plan, CPU and battery life at stake.

    As for the data persistence, this depends on what the data is and how sensitive it is. I usually just write to the hard drive. There is a great open source application I wrote in Adobe AIR that shows how to save to the SD disk here ->




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