Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Video Tutorial on SEO Tips and Tricks

So today I got another load of spam from idiots claiming that they know SEO. Based only on the email, it was quite obvious they do not understand even the most simple tenets of how Google works.

This is a one-hour video that was recorded at Adobe MAX. I co-led this session with Rich Tretola. There are some great gems of information in here. I am posting it because most SEO concepts are not difficult and you can do most of it yourself. I also want to make sure people understand enough about SEO that they do not get ripped off by idiots like the person who sent me the email today. Enjoy!


  1. Very good information. Will recommend your blog to all my friends. (now that I have fulfilled my contractual duties of inserting random comment, I would also like to say Way To Go Duane and Co.! Purchased! A little disappointed that you didn't cover Let It Ride ;). Waiting for your visit to Edmonton so I can casually wonder on stage with the Gold Top.)


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