Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mobile Slashdot RSS Reader Tutorial - Free Source Code

NOTE:  This is Part 1 of a two part series.  Part two is now posted here:

This post will sum up a new AIR for Android tutorial I have been working on.  The video will explain everything (will be posted shortly).    The project is an RSS reader for Android mobile devices.  I chose Slashdot (News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters!) and used their RSS feed from this URL.  The end result was a functioning mobile application that installed and worked on both the Google Nexus One phone and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  There are some lessons to be learned though as you will see from the video.

Building an Android Mobile RSS Reader in 30 Minutes from Technoracle on Vimeo.

The source code for the project is available here: SlashdotRSS.fxp
The Slashdot.apk (Android installer package) is here: SlashdotRSS.apk

Here are some screenshots.  I plan to upload a complete tutorial soon!


Here are some of the source code views:


  1. Part 2 will be due out this week with completed source code and the architecture explained including the best practices. Stay tuned!

  2. BTW - you can now get the final build on the Android Marketplace. Just search for Slashdot RSS reader.

  3. Part 2 is now available -

  4. Is it possible to make a podcast RSS feed that won't download a podcast until a specific date or time?
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  5. Yes - you could do that. Set a timer and run it and use the time index to enable a button (or make it visible. This adds complexity however. A better way would be to just not post the RSS item until you want it accessed.


  6. can this be changed into a desktop widget? ive been working on one for a project for my blog

  7. I can't watch this video. Would you throw somewhere else? Thank you =))


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