Thursday, September 23, 2010

Video: LiveCycle at MAX with Secret Intel!

This is video explains details about a special giveaway that will transpire at Adobe MAX 2010 in Los Angeles, CA! Basically, we have 99 specially designed LiveCycle developer tattoos that are going to be given away by those who know the secret phrase "Canada won the Gold!" and also are registered for at least one LiveCycle ES class.   In order to get one, you will also have to find myself or Valerie Snider-Lynch on the grounds of MAX before others get the giveaway.

Keep in mind that the LiveCycle sessions are filling up and selling out fast but there are some still with room in them such as "Extending LiveCycle ES for Java Developers", which walks through creating a custom component and deploying it to the server, then using it within a process.

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