Monday, August 30, 2010

LiveCycle ES Pick of the week: A Case Study

In the past few months we have been selecting a new LiveCycle@MAX track to promote as the Pick of the Week via Technoracle. One type of session that provides a lot of value is the case study so this week we are proud to present the following track.

Just as a reminder, whether you are a business person, developer or architect, if you are planning to attend MAX in 2010 and want to take a serious dive into LiveCycle ES, it is highly recommended to register ahead of the deadlines. In addition to saving money, you will likely find out that the selection of available sessions is far greater the more you book in advance. Several of our sessions sold out in previous years well ahead of the deadlines.

This week's pick:

Transforming the Value of IT for Government through Modernization at South African Revenue Service

Come see how the South African Revenue Service (SARS) provides improved benefits and services delivery to customers through online, automated tax filing. e@syFile is a set of Adobe AIR applications that leverage the Flash Platform and Adobe LiveCycle to enable manual and electronic tax filing. The solution delivers one form that is used in multiple channels, including print, web portal, branch/on-demand print, and offline via AIR. Using the system, SARS achieved 100% application adoption in two years and now collects in excess of 35 billion rand per month, equaling 60% of the South African revenue.

Tracks: Envision, Design, Develop
Audience: Architect, Partner Decision Maker, IS/IT, Web Developer, Application Developer, Business Decision Maker
Skill Level: General Audience
Products: AIR, Creative Suite, Flash Builder, Flash Player, Flex, LiveCycle DS, LiveCycle ES
Speakers: Rob Pinkerton, Barry Hore, Christopher Belford
Tuesday, October, 26th, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

I'll see you there!

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