Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Professional Web Designing

A Technoracle guest post written by James Mowery.

With technology and the Internet still growing after 15 years, web
design has become an industry in itself. The world is filled with
eager, talented graphic designers who are learning as the technology
itself progresses, each with the goal of putting their own spin on the
world of design. Many web designers who do their work professionally
rely heavily on Adobe products such as Illustrator and InDesign,
which have become the standard for designing web pages. However, while
Photoshop is not used as often as these programs, it can be an
extremely versatile and valuable tool for the modern web designer and
should never be ignored.

Illustrator and InDesign are used frequently because they were both
created as ways to graphically design images and pages for the web.
The web is an environment that must be respected when it comes to
design, as some things will work and many others will not. That being
said, these programs are well-suited to designing for the web
environment, as they often will default to what will work online.
Photoshop is not used as often for design, as it doesn't have the
power that these other programs have for designing for web. However,
it can be a powerful add-on tool to be used in conjunction with other
Adobe products. After all, they are all part of the same creative
suite and are meant specifically to play off of one another.

Photoshop's power comes from its ability to enhance and alter images
to great effect. Since web design is often made up of large amounts of
images, Photoshop becomes a very powerful ally. From the ability to
create collages for a web environment to the program's ability to
greatly enhance the quality of low-res images, what Photoshop lends to
the web environment is absolutely critical. In fact, Photoshop can
actually be used to enhance an alter entire web pages, which is a
technique that many of the best web designers in the world use on a
regular basis.

Put simply, the web designer who doesn't take advantage of Photoshop
is not using all the tools available and is thus only seeing half the

About the author: James Mowery is a computer geek that writes about
technology and related topics. To read more blog posts by him, go to
his blog.


  1. odd... here is a post about professional web designing and yet this blog site it's self seems to be lacking it.

    a sidebar longer than the article and is broken in Firefox?

    Do you really need to show all your archives? and only as dates? Not very usfull.

  2. Illustrator was around long before the Web was invented. InDesign was created to compete with the print-centric Quark XPress. The Internet had been growing for 15 years before the Web appeared.

    "Traveller" is spelt with two "L"s.

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