Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Duane's World Episode 28 - Flexico!

OK - This episode of Duane's World took a lot of time to make but it had to be done right. I wanted to capture the real essence of the Mexican Flex developers and show the simplistic beauty of their devotion to Flex. I even tried to convince many of them that they should change the name of Mexico to Flexico. This episode features far too many people to name but it is a must watch. On top of the great interviews and humor, there is a tutorial on Spark graphic primitives in MXML and a great sound track courtesy of my favorite new metal band Entropia! Enjoy!


  1. Coool Dude!!! We had a great tiem with u on Mexico!!! =)

  2. Hey!!! That was our Mustang 2010's website, we release last week the Mustang 2011's site, check it out. We hope see you soon again here in Mexico City...

  3. That Mustang site is one of the best Flash sites I have ever seen. YOu can quote me on this!!!


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