Monday, May 24, 2010

Video Tutorial on LiveCycle Data Services Model Driven Development

This is a video to accompany the written tutorial to show how to use the brand new features of LiveCycle Data Services 3.* and Flash Builder 4. The development methodology of using the data model to build an application is a very cool feature. Data is often bound to an enterprise process and being able to build an RIA demands that you have a well thought out data model. This allows the developer to reuse existing data rather than asking the user to enter information more than once.



  1. I think that the video is not about the subject of the post :)

  2. lbalderrama@triwest.com25 May 2010, 10:06:00

    Duane, help! I have a LifeCycle form with fields I created and an email submit button. The xml is only coming out with part of the information. (I have 10 questions, and it is only sending 5 to the xml). As a result only part of the data is coming in to my xls file when I import the xml data. I have no idea how/where to even begin to solve this problem. Any ideas of where i can look for answers?

  3. Please send me your form and I will take a look.


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