Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some more Adobe HTML5 love!

Today at the Google I/O conference, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch gave a strong speech pumping up our support and excitement around HTML5. The video is online here - This is an awesome conference and great announcements continue to pour out.

In parallel, Adobe is now offering a new Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Extension. This pack brings enhanced capabilities for HTML5 and CSS3 to web designers and developers using Dreamweaver CS5. The update and more information is now available on Adobe at

HTML5 is going to be huge for everyone!


  1. Twitter
    CTA – View Adobe TV video
    · #Dreamweaver #CS5 supports best practices, standards and #HTML5 #io2010 (115 characters)

    · View how the #HTML5 pack extension benefits #CS5 users #io2010 (92 characters)

    CTA – View Adobe TV video
    · Dreamweaver CS5 supports best practices, standards and HTML5

  2. Duane, I'm in! HTML 5 definitely gets a thumbs up. Not had chance to do deep dive compare to Flex forms yet - what are we not getting in HTML 5? I like the Flex interface model - simple - clear; plus the XML support. Would be nice to have a simple table of the delta - Flex Yes, HTML 5 No/yes kinda a deal.

    Cheers, DW

  3. Duane,

    Do you envision that at one point in near future Dreamweaver and Flash Builder will merge in one tool, which will allow generate swf or html5/js/css from the same model?

  4. Merging the two will probably not happen as the UI's are already fairly heavy for each tool. Adding a few functions like DW did to export AIR files will probably progress where it makes sense.


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