Thursday, April 22, 2010

Using LiveCycle ES2 on the Cloud

This video is a complete tutorial on how to get set up and start developing against LiveCycle ES2 running on the Amazon cloud. If you want to get set up, here are the physical links to reproduce this demo:

1. Download and install the LiveCycle ES2 trial. You will need the libraries in the SDK folder to complete this exercise -

2. Get access to a cloud account via the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program -

Here is the video tutorial:

LiveCycle Services Discovery Plug-in for Flash Builder 4 is another component you may wish to download. Tutorials on using this will be forthcoming shortly. With this plug-in you can quickly build Flex and AIR applications that invoke a LiveCycle service through remoting endpoints. You must have an installation of Flash Builder 4 before installing the Modeler.

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