Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Flex 4 Workshop now online - NY May 13

For Flash and the City, Kevin Schmidt and I will be giving a 5 hour workshop on Flex 4 (link). This will be a hardcore, hands on boot camp to teach all the core concepts of Flex 4 (new Spark architecture etc.) in one evening.

The entire day will be run in a code camp style, each lab being chosen by participants. The presenters will come prepared to teach over 30 modules including topics such as Web Services, REST style data paging, Flash Remoting, 3D effects, working with the Datagrid, the new Flex 4 graphics packages (Spark), video, XML, graphs, integration with Java , saving data to a hard drive, storing data locally in AIR’s SQLite database and much more.

All attendees will receive a preparation guide to help them get set up with the correct software prior to the event itself. Upon leaving, each attendee will receive all the completed code and materials to re-use as reference material. Demo software will be provided for download prior to the event and resources for further learning will be shown at the end of the day.

How to get in?

You must register for Flash and the City as soon as possible here. The cost is very cheap for the whole 4 days plus there will be tons of good parties etc (that is how the organizer lured me).

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