Thursday, October 01, 2009

SmartForm from Avoka

One of the coolest things we are witnessing at Adobe is the community and ecosystem growth around LiveCycle ES. With major announcements just days away, I wanted to bring people's attention to a new entry from a well-established company called Avoka.

SmartForm Composer is a web-based Flex application that makes it really easy to build high quality forms. With Composer, you simply select one of the pre-defined Smart Templates, and you’ll end up with an intelligent and interactive Adobe XFA compliant PDF SmartForm that looks great, no matter what your design skills. SmartForm Composer makes SmartForm creation:

- Easier – people without programming skills can create them
- Faster – form creation time drops from days to hours
- Cheaper – driving SmartForm costs down by an order-of-magnitude

SmartForm Composer will be demonstrated at the Adobe MAX User Conference October 4–7, Los Angeles, CA. If you are planning to attend MAX this year, come and see SmartForm at booth number 434 for a demonstration.

For more information about Composer visit:

For video demos, please visit:

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