Sunday, October 04, 2009

List of Adobe Evangelist Twitter handles

Adobe Evangelists (this list is not complete so please add yourself via comments and I will check back and update). List is filed in alphabetical order by handle (except Ted who likes to use non-alpha numeric characters).

@ashorten - Andrew Shorten
@Beatlejase - Jason Levine
@BenForta - Ben Forta
@duanechaos - Duane Nickull
@ddura - Daniel Dura
@garazi - Greg Rewis (Web Standards)
@gregorywilson Greg Wilson
@jlward4th - James Ward
@karlsoule - Karl Soule' (Video)
@LeeBrimelow - Lee Brimelow
@mcorlan - Mihai Corlan
@markadoherty - Mobile and Devices
@Mesh - Mike Chambers
@parkerkrhoyt - Kevin Hoyt
@pburnett - Paul Burnett
@rufusd - Rufus Deuchler
@RyanStewart - Ryan Stewart
@SJespers - Flash Platform
@_ted_ - Ted Patrick
@tomkrcha - Tom Krcha
@tpryan - Terry Ryan
@adrocknaphobia - ColdFusion

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  1. Serge Jespers has a more complete list here:


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