Friday, June 12, 2009

Displaying HTML in Flash Builder 4

The simplest of all clients is a simple HTML client. Adobe AIR uses the Webkit HTML engine which gives you a powerful set of capabilities including AJAX, CSS and HTML controls.

Demonstrates the WebKit engine including a discussion on how much is available from Webkit in AIR. We will write this project from scratch and learn how to
set the URL, how it handles international characters, CSS and AJAX.

Step 1: Build this from Scratch (new -> Project -> AIR…). This will not work as a Flex application as the HTML component is not part of the Flex framework. Use the settings as shown in the image below:

Step 2:

Add a vertical layout manager to your project by adding the following lines of code:



  1. Hey Duane

    i'm pretty sure u don't remember me we just met this morning at the paris adobe event about SEO i was the one who talked about User Agent :) Nevermind...

    I was asking myself why the html component is limited to work into an Air application ; as it's in the flex framework, it shouldn't be off an online RIA, shouldn't it ? I'm pretty sure it could be usefull someday

    So, (if you know about it) what are the limitations that put the HTML away from RIA playground and why couln't we use it in a flex experience ?

    Was great this morning :)

    See you

    blog -

  2. How do you do this in a mobile flash builder project with mxml?


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