Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Video tutorial - talking to BlazeDS from Flex

This is a simple tutorial you can complete in about 5 minutes once you have the required files. Download the full BlazeDS package from (get the Building Service Clients course) and follow along with the video. Written instructions and the source code for this are available from the download.


  1. Hi, getting a sandbox error. Cheers!

  2. YOu may need to place a crossdomain.xml file in the same directory as the XML file you are retrieving.

  3. Hi, I don't see the point why you need BlazeDS for that. I can put a XML file on any server and read it from Flex, can't I?

  4. Dani B.

    Yes - you are correct. Any HTTP accessible XML will work with this exercise. I used BlazeDS since I demo this, AMF and SOAP often and I cannot count on an internet connection. For that reason, I use my modified BlazeDS instance (It has Apache Axis 1.4 running on it by default). If you wanted to, you could modify the code to grab the text of this page and display it in an HTML container (assuming you built the project in AIR), just by feeding the HTTPService URL as this one.



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