Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free full day Flex/AIR/Flash Camp in Vancouver-Berlin!

We just booked a room and can now confirm that there will be a full day of 100% free hands on training for RIA development in Vancouver, BC May 28 at Vancouver Harbor Centre. The day will run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a possible evening event with a live band. The venue will be the Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre (room 1900) in Harbour Centre.

While we have not yet confirmed all speakers, the lineup will likely include Peter Armstrong (Author - Flexible Rails, RoR and Flex guru), Andre Charland (CEO - Nitobi, PhoneGap), Doug Schmidt (Effective UI and Moose killing shovel wielding Ninja), Clive Goodinson (Pixton), Ross Ladell and others. For RIA development, this is the one chance in a year of seeing all the top Vancouver developers under one roof. Bring your laptops and code along! You'll likely leave with tons of new code samples and ideas.

Call to action!

We want to make this a community driven event - if you want to present a code snippet, please email me! We'll try to make the afternoon presentations democratic.

The day will be 100% community driven and hands on. Anyone is welcome to join. We have not yet set up a registration site but in the meantime, please email me dnickull at adobe dot com.

There will also be a similar event in Berlin, Germany in June 2009 sometime between June 15-19 2009. Ich liebe Deutschland!! I have already booked my flight.

As for Vancouver, the Vancouver Flash/AIR/Flex User Group is simply one of the best groups ever. Here is a shot of me and my homies hanging out after last month's User Group meeting.


  1. That would be Doug, the shovel wielding, moose killing ninja we all love!

  2. Going to be there in Berlin.... GUte IDEE.... Bretzel und Berliner und Hamburger freuen sich

  3. Would it be possible to make the Berlin Event on weekend?

  4. Registration is now open here:

    It is filling up fast so grab a seat today!


  5. Berlin Event will be on June 14. There is no link up yet. We are also contemplating a new event in Hamburg.

  6. The link is up and running.


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