Monday, March 16, 2009

Epic day skiing!

I've been working like a dog (more like a dog that only works and never plays) so today I took off to grab some fresh powder at Cypress Mountain, only 35 minutes from my Vancouver home near the beach. This was an epic day. Snow was being puked out of the clouds, not bad visibility, and no one on the mountain.

I tried out my new Head Xenon Xi 10.0s. They are simply an amazing ski. In deep powder you can close your eyes and carve, even in semi tracked-out conditions. I found myself jumping quite a bit higher as confidence was way up. This is a shot taken in the air (super fast f-stop).

This shot was on the chair lift. I am smiling although you cannot tell.


  1. Hi Duane! You are having so much fun skiing and not answering all my burning questions in the forum!

    I'm jealous! But seriouly, looks like you had a great time!


  2. Wow, cool picture, flying through the air. That's the best weather to be out. Have fun!


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