Monday, February 16, 2009

LiveCycle Data Services in action - all this week!

If you have not yet seen the future of broadcasting, tomorrow at noon Pacific time, go to and create an account to see the live coverage of the Tour of California bike race. Today Levi Leipheimer rode like a madman and took the lead away from a breakaway group. Only Peterson was able to keep pace over the second climb and Peterson snaked by Levi for the stage lead while Levi took the overall GC.

To me, this event is far superior to watch here than on TV. You can choose the cameras (sorry Mr. Producer but mashups and trusting your users are two big patterns on Web 2.0). There is a live chat. The overall GC, text updates, rider tracking, and a host of other interface options allow you, the racing fan, to be in control of what you want to see. The ad revenue model is there too - the sponsor ads stream live just like on TV.

The site is built with LiveCycle Data Services feeding data to a Flex client that registers and gets data pushed out to it as data becomes available. This is the perfect 3-tier architectural use of LiveCycle Data Services. Anyone building a high-traffic RIA nowadays can no longer afford to push all the stuff on the client - you need to have an intermediate tier to aggregate and organize data for an orderly dissemination to clients in a manner consistent with the terms of service and QoS agreements. This will become more important as mobile is fed into the mix.

Rather than repeat it, if you want to know more, hop over to Greg Wilson's blog article on this:


  1. This is very interesting, thanks. I've been trying to find a live FLV stream for some time, knowing that encoders were being marketed as capable of doing live A/V to Flash. Are you aware of any other live Flash video streams? Thanks

  2. "Live" is actually relative here. even the best "live" streams often have 5 second delays to help buffer the streams. Nevertheless, there are tons of these. One particular product is Adobe Connect. You can stream live video and audio to multiple parties. There are third party companies starting to build very advanced systems (such as "MingleVerse" - still in stealth mode) which will blow you away in the near future.

  3. I've used connect, I was thinking more along the lines of live event coverage for a mass audience, like the event you referenced. encoders specs show H.264 over RTMP for Flash as well as On2 VP6 for live, but I've not found a live stream other than the amgentour.


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