Sunday, January 18, 2009

Has this Press Photo been Photoshopped?

I saw a news story about a mysterious fire on one of Vancouver's main bridges today. I know the press use Photoshop on a daily basis and I always try to spot the fake aspects of images. This one really looked like someone added a couple of city workers but forgot to align the layers before flattening the image for publication. Either that or the guy is really good at "pogo-ing". In case it gets fixed, I reproduced it here (Photo copyright owned by Vancouver Sun).

Does it look real? I mean if the guy on the left is really jumping, the guy on the right must be really tall considering from this aspect, the left hand side guy is at least 15-24" off the surface (maybe he should try out for the NBA?). Can you jump that high without a hard hat falling off? Do their faces look like they are in mid-air?

If you enlarge the real photo, there is some distortion around the people. Perhaps they have some sort of magnetic frequency gravitational force disruption device that shows up on digital negatives? LOL!

What do you think?


  1. Yea, it's been faked, you probably have to be actually looking for stuff like that to notice it though.

    Aside from the jumping...

    Is this supposed to be two guys standing on a bridge? so, where was the camera guy positioned?

  2. This is bizarre. If you look at one of the following images you can see how different the two heights are: I don't think that these are stock workers - but maybe two separate images were combined to make a more interesting visual composition?

  3. As a point of fact, the "Distortion" you note around the construction workers is more likely jpeg artifacts than actual evidence of alteration. Despite this, the image itself does look incredibly faked. Almost as though the entire image is a 3-piece composite of burned bridge, actual workers, and a clear blue sky.


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