Monday, December 22, 2008

Social Networking is NOT new!!!!

Many people think "social networking" is Web 2.0. They are confused. We are social by nature. What the real Web 2.0 pattern is is the ability to "declare" these social relationships. Groups like Facebook that write an "Architecture of Participation" whereby users can make these declarations. James Governor first picked up on this pattern and called it "Declarative Living". James is right - the only new thing is the declarations.

Here are some more ramblings on web 2.0:

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  1. There is another reason that social networking on he web or web 2.0 is not new. That is it, facebook, myspace and twitter are not Patentable and are not novel according to technology that existed in the 1980's and 1970's which included BBSes, Forums by individuals computer modems and USENET and Compuserve and Source. Back then a super variety of software supported the same features on a variety of different computers and computer networks and pieces of computer networks around the world and as popular as CBing. WWW does not make an application new.


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