Friday, October 17, 2008

Drupal User Group Talk and Code Samples

Last night in Vancouver I spoke at the Drupal User Group about Flex and PHP. Kevin Hoyt is owed a major thanks for helping me get set up in time and wrote a ton of materials for the class. The gist was to talk about how to use a Flex front end for a PHP middle tier.

PHP (especially Drupal) is great for plumbing MySQL into the front end of web applications and web pages. There are some issues when trying to skin Drupal applications however. These mainly pertain to the inconsistent support for CSS from the various browser cowboys. Flex can help alleviate some of that workload and makes a great companion for PHP.

The materials from the presentation can be downloaded from this website:


  1. You dammed Adobe worker is a ColdFusion hater and we know this well!

  2. Strange you would think that. I have used CF since Allaire days. I love CF. What on earth made you think that I didn't like CF? I can assure you such is not the case. In fact, Ben Forta is my boss and you can ask him directly.

  3. I will tell you that I LOVE Drupal though! Drupal kicks ass!

  4. Duane, thanks again for the session!

    The presentation video is up at and I see Blogger picked it up and put it the post links.

  5. I was at your dammed WebManiacs keynote. You were a CF killer over there!

    Please share your keynote with Ben and let him know what you said about CF over there!

    Adam and Josh were also shocked and did not said anything but I know what they think about it!

    Try FarCry, you bastard dude!

  6. Dear CF Developer:

    Since you have not even given me any tangible reference to what you are talking about, nor who you are, all I can rely on is what I know as fact.

    FACT: I never even mentioned CF in my keynote talk. The slides are here.

    FACT: I specifically did not mention CF since CFManiacs was run just prior. My focus was on forward looking aspects of the open web.

    FACT: I know better than anyone else that I do not hate Cold Fusion. Anyone who thinks they know my own thoughts better than I do is obviously not playing with a full deck. I LIKE COLD FUSION. If you think this is not true, you should try to understand why you think your brain is wired to understand mine better than my brain. It is not.

    FACT: I have emailed both Ben and Adam to ask them if there is anything that could be even remotely interpreted as less than 100% support for CF. Ben is not aware of anything. Adam has not responded. Feel free to ask them yourself.

    Until you are prepared to stop making false claims or show us who you are, I think your posts are out of line. I also wonder why you would wait 6 months and say nothing then append this to an unrelated blog post?

    nuff said on this topic.

  7. Duane,

    Honestly, between the pathetic excuse for what I assume he/she thinks is English, and the lack of anything vaguely resembling a backbone, I'd highly recommend that you not even pay attention to this anonymous coward.

    --- Ben

  8. THanks Boss! Responding was keeping me from designing my new Duane's World site in CF!


  9. Hey Duane. Thanks for the talk. Very interesting and informative. Definitely huge scope for Drupal and Flash/Flex projects. I'm looking forward to getting into it some more.

    Any idea whether the one day Flex training/intro session you mentioned could/will happen? I'm interested for sure.


  10. Yes, I am not a native English speaker but a native CF evangelist.

    May be how I pointed out what I feel was a disappointment for some of you but it is how it is and I am not expecting a "love" for it.

    I and lots of other CF developers like me do not like some inline CF "enemies" within Adobe team and when we hear something bad about CF, we get defensive. Especially if this is an Adobe employee.

    Yes, your official presentation "of course" does not contains anything against CF but your words while defining enterprise level applications and CF connection and your previous experience was a poison for CF developers in the conference. I assume that you thought that this was a FlexManiacs session and there were not enough CF developers and you had just a relaxed time without worrying but we were there with bunch of other CF guys and we dislike what you talked about.

    Of course you do not have to like CF and I may respect this, but at this level I may also expect from Adobe to have some CF lovers to make some presentations.

    I just prefer to ignore you.

    Ben, I know you also have a difficult situation in your new company and position and I know php or .Net world have also huge market and you need to care about also them but we are expecting from any Adobe employee min. same interest like other platforms solutions. You may argue this but what I feel is that this is a huge concern in CF community that Adobe could not deal with CF as it should be.

    Ben, I also really do not like how to mention the lack of language. I feel as a kind of harassment and I really shocked having a wording from you like that. I am sorry.

  11. Ajay:

    I still think you do not understand. I LOVE Cold Fusion. There is not a single bone in my body that hates CF. CF is great. I bet i used it before you did I Allaire days.

    To call me a "CF Enemy" is outright wrong. I am still not sure where you ever got this impression. Was it because I did not mention it? I also did not mention several other Adobe technologies (as an evangelist, I get assigned to cover certain items for talks by the organizers).

    BTW - if you were really there, you should have seen the cold fusion stickers I have on my computer as well as the CF button i was wearing on my shirt.

    I cannot defend myself against something that is not true given there is no logical path to follow.

    Just don't go spreading any crap about me not liking CF cause it is not true. If anyone asks me, I will tell them the truth.

  12. "ColdFusion", NOT "Cold Fusion" dude!

  13. All:

    I am glad for the overwhelming response. I will shortly post my slides and materials (have to ask Kevin Hoyt but I am sure he'll consent with kudos). I loved the Drupal group and all the positive outcome.


    From berlin!


  14. To Ajay:

    you are an asshole! If that is your real name - I cant find you

    i was at that talk and there was lots of us who thought it was good and in no way attacked cf. your lucky your posts are not just deleted. that is what I would do to assholes like you, you bitch.

  15. AJ (if you real name):

    What you say here is irrelevant and totally unfair. You are pissing off a lot of us regulars. I have known duane for years and can tel you he does not hate CF.

    Take your crap elsewhere!

    Timothy V.

  16. Ajay,

    For starters, you are right, my language comment was out of line, and I apologize if I offended you.

    But, in all fairness, what kind of response did you expect to receive? Your initial comment, off-topic for that matter, called Duane a "damned Adobe worker" and "a ColdFusion hater". No explanation, no context, just a rant that comes across as both unprofessional and immature. Did you really expect anything different?

    If you had an issue with Duane's presentation, and it sounds as though you do, then there were lots of more appropriate and professional alternatives available to you. You could have spoken to Duane or Adam or Josh or me right then at the event, you could have pinged the ColdFusion team or myself after the fact, you could have contacted the product manager ... heck, there are dozens of options that would have afforded you a way to share your concerns as passionately as you wish. But a random rant on Duane's blog, followed by increasingly erratic and immature sounding follow-up comments, well, what kind of response were you actually looking for?

    Bottom line, I have to disagree with you. ColdFusion is a massive part of my life – I spend a huge portion of my time and energy promoting and advancing it, and aggressively fight any attacks on the product. My wider set of responsibilities do not change that one iota. While ColdFusion is not Duane's primary responsibility, he uses it, and promotes it, and has never given me reason to consider him a "hater".

    And so I am going to suggest that this to and fro stop and that this thread be terminated. It is accomplishing nothing productive at all. And if you have concerns, then feel free to contact me directly.

    --- Ben


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