Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apple losing the Web 2.0 crowd?

Last year at the Berlin Web 2.0 conference, I took this photograph of the entire front row sporting Mac laptops. The blog post was entitled "Does Apple own Web 2.0?".

This year the trend has seemed to be more of a Microsoft/Mac stalemate. It appears that Vista has really come into favor with some of the alpha geek crowd. I also see Ubuntu gaining in popularity. Apple's iPhone, while popular, continues to suffer from complaints of bad battery life. The most popular PDA by far is the Blackberry. Long battery life, great business features and a sleek and cool design.

While I was contemplating buying some apple stock, I am now thinking RIM looks like a great deal.


  1. Actually I got the feeling that the small Netbooks are taking over. After lugging around my heavy MacBook I can understand well, why.

  2. @Dominik - I have got a heavy MacBook too, and iam glad about the latest projekts from apple too construct small notebooks with alot of power insinde! Lets hope that we didnt spend too much money for the new generation of notebooks.The price/performance ratio must be the right...


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