Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Narrowing my new car choices

Well, the Porsche is gone and my wife and I are sharing a Land Rover Discovery. The Disco has to go though. I detest most newer British cars with a passion, although the Bentley and Austins are nice. Then again, why on god's green earth would someone build a power drivers seat that can adjust so far forward the head rest hits the steering wheel?

I have been researching getting a new 2008 BMW X3 compared
to the 2007 X3 there's more storage, and overall, the styling is more like BMW's
own 3-Series cars, with a touch of wood trim on the panels. The new features include a panoramic-style roof, heated front seats, available heated steering wheel (for the cold weather package,a must for Canadians like me), heated second row seats, side impact/curtain airbags, stability/traction control, park assist, and Bluetooth wireless technology.

The MSRP is about $36,000. I plan to test drive several automobiles
but for some reason I can’t wait to test drive the BMW X3,
hit the highway with a cup of Starbucks and throw in an acai for an
additional energy boost! The X3 is a far cry from my Porsche twin turbo but
for my family I think it’s just perfect.

A hybrid is also an option but I am waiting an environmental report that can clearly show a *NET* gain of being environmentally sensible. The BMW X3 will be far better than the Disco though for the environment.


  1. Duane...

    Good luck with the new ride. I missed that Twin turbo, but im sure you'll get a car that suits you and your family.


  2. Dude - if you're going german then surly the Audi is worth a look? Either the Q7 (or the new (as yet to be released) Q5?

    I think my choice would be the Volvo XC90 - friend of mine had one and used to get pretty good MPG for a bit car. And of course being Swedish it would be idea for the Canadian weather!

    Personally I like Saab's, but the big Saab (9-7X) just looks like a big slab of car!


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