Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SMX - the premiere Search Engine Optimization event

SMX East, scheduled for Oct 6-8, 2008, is fast approaching. I have only been to one SMX event, but I believe it is the premiere Search Engine Optimization event in the world. SMX East is 3 days long and holds more than 50 sessions and keynotes.

SMX is the brain child of two experts in SEO: long time SEO guru Danny Sullivan (formerly of www.searchenginewatch.org) and Vanessa Fox. Most of the SEO tips and tricks I learned in the 1990s were gleaned from Danny's writing and research. I consider both of them formidable experts on the subject of SEO. Google's Tim Armstrong will also be on hand to present.

I have posted some recent tips for Flash SEO and will be speaking at the Web 2.0 event with an all new presentation in Berlin called "Search Engines and Flash: Secrets, Tricks, and Black Magic". The talk will cover several key workarounds for better SEO results on Flash and new technical developments that have made new functionality available to search engines and developers alike. I will showcase some advanced tips and tricks to give you the edge over the competition as well as share some secrets so attendees will learn how to increase initial page rankings as well as monitor and increase dynamic page ranks.

Oh yeah - get to both of these events if you want to know more about Flash and SEO.


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  2. ...as in Tim Armstrong from Rancid?

  3. I wish!! LOL. Maybe he can do his keynote talk for 20 minutes then bust into Rats in the Hall and 1998.

  4. Seems like a good event.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post, thank you. Some very interesting points to think about.

  6. @Amanda - it is almost as lame as SEO companies who don't know what they are even doing or how Google works. For example, you posting a link in the comments to this blog post with the anchor words "SEO company" is a very public statement that your company knows nothing about SEO. If you knew even the basics, you would know that Google, Yahoo and Bing do not follow links left in comments on most blog platforms. Since Google owns Blogger, your link above does you know good.

    The reason I allowed your post instead of marking it as spam is simple.

    1. It helps educate people about SEO.
    2. It gives you no benefit (if you want to talk to me about advertising on this blog in a part that IS indexed by Google, please contact me).
    3. It helps the general public understand that your company does not know the basics of SEO.

    Sorry to be blunt like this but you need to start learning.



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