Thursday, August 07, 2008

Doug and Ben rock it with SpatialKey

I came across what might be the most efficient Flex mapping application on the web, launched by the Universal Mind geniuses and others like Ben Stucki, Andy Powell and Doug McCune. It's called SpatialKey and the technology preview release just came out. This is a product doing fully client-side heatmap renderings of thousands of data points and can do up to about 100k completely client-side. The architecture uses a hybrid approach and when client side loads exceed the 100K, processing moves to a server to do aggregation.

SpatialKey loads a ton of data into a Flex app and produces sweet visuals that tell a much better story about the data than looking at points on a map. They're only launching the client-side stuff as a "technology preview" while working on an enterprise offering that includes a database product. Potential use cases include deploying to police departments to handle their entire crime databases.

Doug wrote a much more detailed blog article about it here.

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