Friday, July 25, 2008

The lowest form of life just left the planet

I saw a story on Slashdot today that made me ill. The Spam King apparently escaped from a prison then killed himself, his wife and child. At the same time, I got a report of bombs going off in Bangalore, India where I have been.

Harmony and Peace please! Both of these stories evoked strong feelings.

The Spam King was the lowest form of life on the planet. He collectively hurt our global economy more than most other criminals and deserved to go to jail. He took some of my life away and probably some of yours. SPAM is a crime. Make no mistake about it. The selfishness of this individual has now cost others their lives. This confirms my belief that spammers are in fact the lowest form of life and he probably would have been lower on the prison hierarchy than any other inmate.

The second story really worries me as I have good friends in Bangalore. When I last visited it, I found Bangalore to be alive and thriving. I wonder who would do this and why?

Killing of innocents can never be justified. I have to go speak at OSCON now.

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