Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Code your way to get into MAX 2008 for free!

Adobe is making a special offer for those of you who are holding off on contributing to the Open Source Flex SDK.

* For every 3 bugs where we accept and commit your submitted patch, we will purchase an Adobe-related book from your Amazon wish list (once you've had your 3rd patch accepted we'll reach out to you to find your wish list).

* For the first two contributors to have 10 patches committed, we'll pay for your MAX 2008 registration (any region).

The full details are posted at


  1. This is an awesome idea. I hope this helps to resolve some bugs, gets the community involved with the Flex SDK development and gets some kats into MAX. Again, fantastic idea here. Whoever came up with this one needs a pat on the back and a raise!



  2. "Whoever came up with this one needs a pat on the back and a raise!"

    or an Adobe related book from their Amazon wish list, once they have come up with 2 more good ideas.

    The first 2 Adobe employees who come up with 10 good ideas should get to go to their own conference for free.


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