Monday, April 14, 2008

SPAM war deepens - am I winning?

Today I woke up to check my email and found that my email address had once again been used to spoof the "send" for buckets of SPAM.  This is due to my open advocacy of finding and physically bestowing great pain upon those parasitic individuals who plague the rest of humanity with SPAM.  The picture below shows my inbox:

This has not resulted in one single person complaining to me which is great. It means that the average recipient has enough intelligence to understand that the true spammer is using the email addresses of those who fight spam as the "sent from" address.

So what can we do now?  I am working with a few agencies worldwide to find this particular culprit.  The Chinese government is very hard on those who break laws and will likely severely punish any Chinese citizen for this.  The Russians are less accommodating however I have heard that you can easily hire "third parties" to take care of business in that country.

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