Monday, February 04, 2008

Glowing review of Web 2.0 book

Scott Mark has offered a glowing review of our upcoming O'Reilly book "Web 2.0 Design Patterns".

"Duane, James, and Dion captured a high-speed drive by of all things 2.0, carefully deconstructing all of the cool tools we’ve been having so much fun with recently. They setup the book with a dissection of some flagship Web 2.0 properties, and contextualization of key memes. Next they define applicable models for capturing Web 2.0 in a pattern language. One my favorite aspects of this chapter was the use of “low end” modeling techniques - such as concept maps, and HTML tags as a form of WSDL for simple HTTP services. Being an Agilist and a practicalist, I like to see less well refined techniques legitimized. In true 2.0 style, the authors use what works, not just what is academically proscribed."

Read more here.

1 comment:

  1. It's a great book, Duane. Thanks for the early review opportunity, and best of luck to you all with this whole project!


    PS - I love your blog commenting terms. Have you been able to collect?


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