Thursday, November 01, 2007

C'mon Web 2.0 - get it together now!!!

I have watched in dismay in the last months as I have been forced to accept the same connections via, Plaxo, Facebook, MySpace, and a number of other social networking sites.

Why can't someone build a portal using the XFN (XHTML Friend Network) microformat to allow these connections to be only declared once. Then an API can federate it to all sites wanting to declare this sort of information. James Governor wrote a piece for the O'Reilly Web 2.0 Design Patterns book on the Synchronized Web being a core pattern of Web 2.0. It looks like these sites are really failing in that they are not getting it together fast enough.

Maybe I will start one now. How should it work?

When you accept a friend request from any site, it also allows you the option to "federate" the declaration. This means that any other site can pick it up. Of course, this will require the sort of Sxip-ish OpenID infrastructure in place to make sure the identities match.

Entrepreneurs - please take this idea and run with it. If you feel really nice, give me some shares but please save us all time and effort by making this automated! Hey - if you really like it I'll be your friend on the system.


  1. I heard google is launching something called "Open Social" today and about 6 fairly big social networks are jumping on the bandwagon..

  2. hi check out my super site .. .. oops


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