Thursday, October 25, 2007

Web 2.0 Design Patterns

The O'Reilly book Web 2.0 Design Patterns cover.

The “Web 2.0” phenomenon has become much more pervasive in 2007 and is impacting the very fabric of society. Web 2.0 presents opportunities to those who understand the core design patterns. These individuals are racing to cash in while Web 2.0 companies like Google see their stock pass $600 a share.

This book focuses on the core design patterns behind Web 2.0. Those core design patterns are supplemented with an abstract model and reference architecture. The result is a set of artifacts that developers, business people, futurists, and entrepreneurs can understand and use.


  1. is that a turkey on the front cover

  2. no, duane always has his hair like that

  3. wow! color??? way to go on this cover!


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